Why ECL?
Our prospective students may find ECL not only a centre of learning, but also a centre for developing their skills, shaping style through a series of academic and extra curricular activities throughout the year. We are sure the students who come to us will have some differences regarding their academic goals and personality shaped during their stay with us. You may have a look on the following ECL activities we intend to make available for you, if you prefer to join us to achieve your academic goal that might add value to your degree.

Pre arrival information pack
ECL understands that students not only travel geographically. Cultural distance, unfamiliar weather and fear of having to cope with new challenges have significant impact on their mental well-being and behaviour. ECL is keen to narrow the gap from the day the student is awarded leave to enter by providing information on weather, clothes, learning material, utility bill, accommodation cost, airport pick up, food , art and the culture of UK through Skype discussion or email.

ECL uses relevant websites including airport websites in the UK, their own knowledge, information stock and networking to be as accessible as possible in providing maximum knowledge a new student might need in an unfamiliar environment.

In most cases, ECL will send an E-pack on latest information to successful students.

Post Arrival Induction Pack, Academic
a) Time table for Lectures
b) Class room rules
c) Library Rules
d) IT facilities
e) Canteen/ refreshment arrangement on campus
f) Registration with Awarding Bodies
g) Entry dead line
h) Fire, health & safety awareness
i) Campus tour, map
j) Introduction with staff
k) Introduction with personal tutor, HoD
l) Attendance requirement and consequence to fail
m) Progression requirement and UKBA CAP
n) On time application to leave to remain
o) Hardship loan policy from college
p) Scholarship & waivers
q) ECL events ( Academic Calendar)
r) Students services facilities
s) Studentsí duty in changing their address, contact phone no and email ID (Three Part Undertaking).
t) Council Tax exemption and condition embedded to enjoy that privilege

ECL learning Atmosphere
At ECL, students enter in the learning atmosphere through Departmental induction which helps them to have a road map of academic journey ahead in the following years.

Departmental Induction:
a) Introduction with Course, Modules
b) Brief on Awarding body assessment
c) Lesson Plan
d) Time Table
e) Detection of studentís weakness and necessity for Additional Learning
f) Assessment of Communication Skills
g) Information on studentís particular need
h) Introduction with IT and Library facilities
i) Weekly learning plan agreed with student
j) Knowledge on Tutorial, Mock Examinations
k) Providing Core Book list, Further reading lists, useful websites, VLE
l) Knowledge on writing Workshop & Advocacy School
m) Knowledge on E C L Life Skill & Life style Programmes
n) Knowledge on E C L Awards for Exam performance

Preparation for Assessment
ECL is aware that its principal objective is to prepare the students for the Awarding Bodyís assessment and higher grade is most desired in order to secure a place for BPTC which is extremely competitive. E C L discharges this duty in the following way:

a) Preparing a lesson plan for all modules taught (four week prior to commencement date)
b) Lecture Hand out prior to lecture commences( 24 hour prior to lecture commences)
c) Fully prepared Tutor lectures on topics as per lesson plan
d) Responsiveness in class room, active listenersí participation
e) Understanding of knowledge and readiness to deliver in Exam Hall.
f) Case Law based teaching technique, mooting, debating & quiz
g) Question Solving on past exam papers
h) On line research and using Journals
i) Fortnightly Tutorial , monthly progression assessment by Tutor
j) Two pre mock and one full mock Exam, feed back
k) Revision lectures & brain storming on problem questions
l) Studentís feed back on teaching quality, effectiveness
m) Action on the basis of feedback
n) Lesson observation by senior member staff and action on that basis
o) Listening to student body (elected or mutually agreed)

What we do once result is published
a) Result compared with studentsí mock performance
b) Module wise analysis of result and course of action to follow
c) Re sit support (if any)
d) Planning next yearís Lesson preparation
e) Feed back from staff, students and other stakeholders
f) Detecting learning and assessment weakness
g) Any contributory factors which have had an impact on examination performance.
h) Institutional performance is compared with global success rate

Examination Performance (Past results)
We pay individual attention to each of the students in a small sized class room. You may find our studentsí past examination performance encouraging for your objective to obtain a good grade through us. Please click here to find result statistics.

ECL is Career Focused
ECL is career focused. We not only work hard to make students graduate with good grade but also prepare them as lawyers from the very beginning of the academic year.

ECL does recognise that law students need more than to pass exams and graduate , they have to be lawyers or legal practioners. E C L is therefore committed to preparing students from day one for their future law role through Writing Workshop and Advocacy School, Mooting & Debating.

ECL Law Journal Testimony provides a scholarly platform for staff and students to advance their intellectual effort and meeting thrust to challenge existing thought or idea and focus on controversy.

ECL is keen to provide you not only information but knowledge with insight. We want you to be good graduates but also a better pupil and prepared graduate when you will leave us for the wider world where you may embrace many challenges and explore opportunities as well.

ECL Moot Court & Debating Club
Debating & Mooting Activities
Debating on Law and topics from politics, economy and other area of choice are at the centre of ECL extra curricular activities. The ECL campus is now benefitting from a permanent moot court room and other facilities. Tutors and students are expected to use the mooting facilities to follow a more practical approach to learning, giving particular focus on case studies. We recommend at least three sessions of mooting and six sessions of debating per year on law topics. ECL staff and students comprise our small but active moot and debating clubs. In past years, members of our debating clubs attended the Times Higher Education Conference at Wellington College, UK, South Asian Human Rights Summer School in Bangladesh in January 2013. ECL students and staff were funded to attend seminars in Oxford University in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2013.

ECL Cultural Life
Cultural life (building your taste and personality)
At ECL, we are dedicated to developing your cultural personality and taste. We have a good stock of books on art, literature, music, history and biography of leading world personalities who can inspire you to build your career, personality and shaping your dream. We subscribe to the Times Higher Education magazine, The Economist, New Statesman, The Week, The Spectator, Economist Intelligent Life Style magazine, The Prospect and leading dailies in our Library. You can read them regularly free of cost and equip yourself with information you may need, knowledge you may trust for and the taste you would like to help develop your cultural personality.

Additional Learning Programme
The Additional Learning Programme is ECLís special way to provide extra learning support to students who are not proficient in English so that they can successfully follow the course for which they have enrolled with prescribed Awarding Body. This programme is also generally beneficial to students in helping them acquire language knowledge and skills that they can use in their daily life. Harvey O Leary is the Coordinator of this Programme and always available to help with any literacy needs. The learning support for students is provided in two parts, an English Programme and a Study Skills Programme.

1. English Programme
a. Writing
Many of our students have English as a second language and may consequently have difficulty coping with the academic English on their course. Therefore, the college offers a range of programmes to help improve and develop their competency in English.

b. Oral and Presentation Skills
As Law students, oral and presentation skills are of particular importance for career performance and development. Tutorials and seminars will be organised in which the studentís speaking and presentation will be assessed and feedback given.

2. Study Skills Programme
The college runs a number of study skills workshops. Study skills are the tools that enable students to learn effectively. They are crucial for confidence and fulfillment in academic life and for most people they need to be learned.
There will be workshops in such areas as note taking, motivation and time management, and examination techniques.

Advocacy School & Writing Workshop
ECL recognises that law students not only need to pass and graduate, they also need to be lawyers or legal practitioners. ECL is committed to preparing students from day one as lawyer through Writing Workshops and Advocacy School. ECL advocacy school plans to conduct at least three sessions a year for all students.

Writing Workshop
1. Writing
At the start of the new term every student will be asked to sit an assessment test, and based on the result will be recommended to attend an English support workshop or given advice about other routes to take in order to improve their English skills. In the every academic year, tests will be conducted to assess the studentsí written English and the development of their language skills in:


The college has identified that students need assistance especially with their written English. We have therefore developed a number of ways of helping to support including writing workshops, individual tutorials, supervised writing sessions, and set writing task with feedback. The Writing Workshop programme and the feedback the student receives will focus on the following areas:

a. Punctuation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Style, Register, and Handwriting
b. In order to ensure that students are making progress with their written work, they will produce one piece of writing in class per week that is supervised by their tutor, which will be corrected and returned to them with feedback and recommendations for further development.
c. Students will be made aware of the on-line resources that will address their specific needs.

Public Speech/Guest lectures
ECL invites judges, lawyers, policy makers and speakers from other professions to deliver speech before staff and students. In past years, we invited ministers and senior judges from Commonwealth jurisdictions, MPs, lawyers, professors and journalists from both home and abroad. We are keen to continuously invite speakers from a wide cross section of professionals.

Library stock of books, journals, magazines, book fair
We are determined to increase the reading habit for our staff and students. ECL organizes Book Fairs regularly to encourage people to read books. In 2011, we distributed books free of cost to our students, staff and guests who attended our book fair. We have a good stock of books in our library which includes biographies and history books. The international section has a good stock of books in Bangla, translated from Urdu and Sanskrit. The ECL Library subscribes to most of the leading news magazines and some lifestyle magazines.

ECL publications Testimony and Silk Route, News Letter ĎECL News & Eventsí
ECL Law Journal Testimony provides scholarly platform for staff and students to advance their intellectual effort and to challenge existing thoughts or ideas and focus on controversy. Testimony, a BI-ANNUAL scholarly law journal focusing on legal issues, is jointly published by Centre for South Asian Studies (UK) and European College of Law (ECL). The publication draws its contributions from a cross-section of legal practitioners, judges, law teachers and students. The diverse body of reviews includes legal commentaries, reviews, analysis, Ďnotesí and Ďcommentsí. These papers aim to articulate the views of legal specialists with regard to current legal issues and their potential solutions. The journal is broadly based both regarding its content and the academic disciplines that are covered.

The publication aims to contribute to jurisprudence with a revealing insight into civil rights and civil liberties, international law, or human rights, and statutory, regulatory, and public policy issues. Testimony accepts contributions of interest to a wide cross-section of readers.

The reviews of law articles are primarily those which have been influential in the development of legal jurisprudence in the UK and Europe. However, contributions from overseas, particularly south east Asia are welcome. The common law jurisdictions are indeed global and Testimony seeks to reflect that level of outreach of this legal system.

Silk Route is jointly published by European College of Law (ECL) and the Center for Bangladesh Studies (CBS). It is available to readers in the UK and abroad, particularly to those in Bangladesh. It aims to offer a research vehicle for our students, faculty and guest lecturers. We also want to attract researchers whose work principally focuses on South Asia based commerce, technology and innovation, public policy and inter-statal relations. Therefore, we are not restricting Silk Route to academia. Instead, we are keen to invite the wider professional and politically interested communities to share their experiences, expertise and contribute to bridging the gap between the current and future research leaders. We are committed to demonstrating our best effort to encourage more researchers to use Silk Route to carry their scholarly ideas. We invite contributions that map the changing world of trade and commerce and the regulatory rules that govern these transactions in Bangladesh. ECL staff, guest lecturers and external resource persons are invited to use this journal as a vehicle for their scholarship. Readers will find articles from academia, the Central Bank Governor from a Commonwealth Country and representatives from industry in this the first issue of Silk Route.

ECL News & Events, our monthly news letter is aimed at providing a regular connection between staff, students and management alongside stakeholders both home and abroad. We encourage our staff and students to write on a regular basis for the Newsletter and share information on academic activities and events at ECL Campus or outside. The Newsletter also provides a weekly schedule of activities at ECL premises, information about guest lectures, workshops, competitions and other relevant information related with ECL both home and abroad.

Networking through ECL
Students and staff have access to our wider networks with academia, professionals, awarding bodies, Judges, policy makers, journalists and employers in both the UK and abroad. ECL works jointly with several local cultural and social organizations and students are welcome to participate in cultural and social activities round the year if they can fit them in their academic calendar.

Study tour/ annual Trip, events at ECL
ECL students make at least two study tours a year; expenses are usually met on a 50:50 ratio basis between ECL and students, staff. Annual trip was made to Inverness in 2013, Dorset in 2012, Bournemouth in 2011

Court visit
Court visit is one of ECLís regular activities. ECL students visited Magistrate Courts, County Courts in 2011, 2012 and Supreme Court in 2013. ECL staff and students are scheduled to visit the Scottish High Court in November 2013.

Students' Day & other events at ECL
ECL has observed 17 November as Studentsí Day since 2011. The day is observed through a series of cultural events and talks by invited guests. In 2011, the guests included Brownwen Maddox, the editor of Prospect, Professor John Wilson from ASIC. ECL students hosted a fantastic food festival on the Studentsí Day. Christmas Party, Eid, Holy Saroshoti Puja, Buuddo Purnima, Dasera Festivals were celebrated by our students and staff in past years. ECL students and staff have observed the Universal Human Rights Day on 10 December every year. Programmes have included poster exhibition, talk and essay writing competition. Those events usually receive funding from the College.

Local Events
Annual Book Fair
ECL annual Book Fair and food festival events are postponed until April 2022 due to ongoing COVID-19 situation. We will keep our students, staff and other stakeholders informed on the development of the events planning.

Food Festival
ECL annual Food Festival to be held in March 2022.

Kids Art Competition
Kids art competition to be held in 10th Nov 2021.