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The Student Services Office will provide you with full support with your visa application; but we need your help to help you, please read the following carefully and always comply with your visa condition in the UK:

If you are of a Non-EU citizen and require a visa, you must:

   » Have the visa before entering the UK
   » Extend leave to remain on time
   » Make your visa application 60 days before the current leave expires
(we will start alerting you from 90 days prior to expiry of current leave)
   » Gather correct bank statements, awarding body progress report, English proficiency evidence before submitting application to extend your current leave

ECL conducts a consultation session every Friday 10.00 15.00 on an appointment basis. We recommend your first consultation to book at least 90 days before current leave expires and final consultation on 60th day and then lodge a valid application to extend leave.

You will be provided with a full check list for the relevant documents to apply for a visa extension. We will help you with:

  » Completing application forms
  » Checking all documents
  » Referrals to solicitors, if appropriate
  » Any other queries that you may have.

No progress, No CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)

To get a CAS you need to submit the following documents:

  » Evidence of progression from awarding body
  » Appropriate Bank statement (Your personal or your sponsor's Bank statement)
 » Evidence of proficiency in English (we will verify any such document, you need to sign a consent form)
  » A valid Passport and Visa
  » Evidence of minimum 80 % attendance from ECL Head of the Department.

ECL will handle all correspondence for your VISA

The College will now be the address for all your visa correspondence. The UKBA requires the College to track your visa application through all stages, from receiving acknowledgment letters to giving you support if you have to appeal against refusal. Our handling all visa correspondence will ensure that the College has full knowledge of your application stage and that we can advise and support you (example: if you receive visa, we will call you to collect it, copy will be kept on your student file, if your application is rejected, we will let you know immediately, we will advise you to appeal or leave the UK if appropriate and inform UKBA accordingly).

Produced on: 13.11.13, approved on 15.11.13, next review date: 13.11.14