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Annual Book Fair
ECL annual Book Fair and food festival events are postponed until March 2021 due to ongoing COVID-19 situation. We will keep our students, staff and other stakeholders informed on the development of the events planning.

Why choose us

ECL Profile
European College of Law (ECL) is located in Ilford, London, where it occupies a self-contained floor of a multi-occupancy building. This facility includes a library, offices, moot room and classrooms. The College currently has four full-time and five part-time members of staff.

ECL is proud of being a thriving and successful higher education teaching provider in the United Kingdom. Building on its unique portfolio, it has continued to adapt successfully to the needs of learners by investing in outstanding facilities for teaching, learning, learner and staff welfare.

We are innovative, hardworking and objective driven with a commitment to adding value to employers and enterprise. At ECL, the learners can maximise their chances of securing a career by developing both knowledge and skills.

Our vision is to ensure learners' career progression through education, qualification, employment and entrepreneurship. The mission statement of the College is 'to bridge the gap between industry and the academic world through quality education'. The ECL strap line says 'we shape your education, you shape your life' - is the key to our potential learners.

The overall aim is to provide further education to learners in achieving their desired qualifications, skills and entrepreneurial abilities for a positive career progression.

ECL Objectives
Our main objectives are to

• provide high quality further education of a quality that learners can cherish
• enhance their employability and entrepreneurial skills
• add value to their current qualifications, skills and experiences
• increase motivation, self esteem and life chances
• improve our services through continuous monitoring and reviewing

It runs government funded as well as privately funded courses of the awarding organisations' ATHE, NEFE and University of London. So far the College has been able to secure a sound 100% pass record.

ECL is governed by its Committee & Sub-Committee members, which is structured as follows:

The Board of Directors - is responsible for determining the strategic direction of the organisation and the duties given to them by the shareholders.

Academic Committee - is responsible for the day to day management of ECL to ensure that the academic standard and the quality of learning provisions are maintained. The Committee is responsible for setting the key performance indicators (KPI) for each course and the delivery and conduct of all course assessments to ensure that the KPI's are met.