Life Style Cultural Programme includes both on and out campus activities:
  • Book Fair (book reading habit to grow)
  • Cultural Performance by students & guest artists
  • Musical show, Theatre performance
  • Attending Art Exhibition
  • Reading books on history, art & music, other culturally stimulating activities
  • Outreach Programme through visiting sites like Shakespeare’s Birth place
  • Library , Museum Visits

Meeting Civilizations via the Museum
Museums are examples of informal learning environments, which means they are devoted primarily to informal education — a lifelong process whereby individuals acquire attitudes, values, skills and knowledge from daily experience and the educative influences and resources in his or her environment. Even outside of museums, informal learning plays a pivotal role in how we take in the world around us. A single visit to a museum can expose visitors to in-depth information on a subject, and the nature of the museum environment is such where one can spend as much or as little time as one likes exploring exhibits. The environment allows him/her to form their own unique experiences and take away information that interests them.

Museums are a lot more than collections of artefacts; they allow the visitors to meet with neighbours, discuss thoughts and opinions, and become an active part of the community. Museums provide inspiration through personal connections with visitors, and not only on-site and through physical community outreach efforts; some even manage to connect through their social networks. These kinds of personal memories created at museums may endure forever.

Why do you go to the Museum?
There are various different personal museum feelings:
-- Entertainment - being entertained feels good, you feel joy and fun.
-- Educational - understanding how things work, solving a puzzle, raising your self esteem.
-- Aesthetic - the awe of seeing a great object of art, could be something uplifting, it stretches the imagination, and it crosses a mental boundary.

Cost for this programme
Most of on campus programmes are free of cost. Programmes outside depends on the hosts’ own entry fee but sizable subsidy is available for selected programmes. Please contact E C L student services desk for further information.