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Local Events
Annual Book Fair
ECL annual Book Fair and food festival events are postponed until April 2022 due to ongoing COVID-19 situation. We will keep our students, staff and other stakeholders informed on the development of the events planning.

Food Festival
ECL annual Food Festival to be held in March 2022.

Kids Art Competition
Kids art competition to be held in 10th Nov 2021.

Ethics policy regarding student recruitment
ECL maintains strict ethical standards when it comes to allowing agents to undertake any kind of recruitment activities. ECL agents must undergo a pre-press check and seek our approval first before launching any kind of advertisement in their respective countries. Any misleading information in the advertisement and any untrue impressions about the agents themselves and the college would be dealt with strictly and by speedy action taken by the College. Any further repetition of a similar kind of mistake may result in the cancellation of the contract and revocation of representation to recruit students for the college.

Check list for marketing and Recruitment Purpose

No false Claims may be made in the Advertisement
ECL warns its agents and representatives against making any false claims of success in media advertisements in both print and electronic, web and other forms of media which might attract prospective students and/or their guardians thereby misleading them to believe in the agent’s distorted success story. Any success claim must be based on true figures which can be ascertained from readily available evidence as to their truthfulness.

No false claims may be made about the College
As per their contractual obligation the agent is only permitted to distribute the college prospectus, posters, leaflets and other publicity materials which are provided to them by the College. Unauthorized literature or other publicity materials which give a false impression about the college or provide misleading information are strictly prohibited from being distributed. ECL does not allow any unauthorized publicity materials to be distributed or used in marketing activities. For example, ECL should not be portrayed as an Oxbridge-type college. As ECL has genuine academic strengths while offering truly beneficial services to the students, we do not permit anyone to “sell” the college by adding unnecessary additional points which might raise false expectations among the prospective students.

Offering genuine advice to students
ECL recommends that students and their guardians receive exact information and genuine advice based on available printed sources from the college website, prospectus, UKBA website, website of the UK diplomatic outposts in their respective countries and other printed materials for visa purposes. Agents are recommended to keep close contact with the overseas offices of the British Council and the High Commissions/Embassies to be updated about local requirements for visa applications. Students should receive true and genuine information about their tuition fees, costs and other expenses to complete the whole admissions process. Information about the college should be accurate as per available printed materials: for example, the students must be warned about maintaining the 80% minimum attendance requirement. They must be informed that ECL maintains daily attendance registers and a monthly progress policy and any failure to comply will result in the student’s dismissal from the college with the college informing the UKBA accordingly without any delay.

Working in the UK
Agents must not give any untrue information about working right in the UK. We recommend to check UKBA website for latest information and warn prospective students against unlawful work in the UK that might lead to cancellation of their visa and deportation from the country.

Excess Fees
Agents may decide themselves what service charge to levy. But we recommend that students should not be charged for unseen or unnecessary purposes. It is in any event not permissible to charge higher fees than the normal college tuition fees. As agents are already entitled to a commission fee for each student recruited to the college, they may even prefer to waive any fee charged for services rendered to the students.

Verification of Academic Papers
As agents are working locally, it is their primary responsibility to cross-check the genuineness of the academic certificates submitted to them. It would be advisable for them to write to the issuing authority to check the documents.

Verification of Sponsorship
It is not acceptable that agents help the applicants to obtain proof of financial sponsorship. Based on our own research, we agree with the concerns voiced by those attached to British diplomatic outposts that in many cases agents can be held primarily responsible for not acting according to proper ethical standards in this regard. Financial sponsorship must be cross-checked with guardians/sponsors, banks or other financial authorities provided it is possible and legally permissible to do so.