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European College of Law is proud of being a thriving and successful further education learning provider in London. ECL has continued to adapt successfully to the needs of learners by investing in adequate facilities for teaching, learning, welfare and IAG service.

We are innovative, hardworking and objective driven with a commitment to adding value to employers and enterprise. At ECL, the learners can maximise their chances of securing a career by developing both knowledge and skills.

Our vision is to ensure learners' career progression through education, qualification, employment and entrepreneurship. The mission statement of the College is 'to bridge the gap between industry and the academic world through quality education'. The ECL strap line says 'we shape your education, you shape your life' - is the key to our potential learners.

By providing Further Education, the College's vision is to steer learners' positive career progression towards employment, higher education and entrepreneurship.

ECL runs government funded programmes of the awarding organisations' ATHE, NCFE and privately funded programmes of the University of London. So far the College has been able to secure a sound 100% pass record.

Should you have any sort of enquiry, please feel free to call us on the given numbers or request a call back by filling up this Online Enquiry Form.

Please Note: ECL does not currently recruit any learner in any programme who might require U.K. Visa. We do not provide any advice or guidance on immigration related matters of learners.

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